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About Nashville, Tennessee Real Estate Market

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the most sought after metropolitan areas in the country to call home and for good reason. Nashville, TN has been named one of the safest and friendly of all major cities in the United States by popular publications such as Newsweek. Nashville also has one of the stable local economies in part due to the steadiness of the health care and related industries. Similarly the Nashville real estate market has also favored well through the more difficult economic times. Although some homes in Nashville have lost a portion of their value, many areas in the Nashville area have had steady real estate values for six months to a year. Although the number of home, condo, and land sales in the area is not what it was during the boom, for most area of middle Tennessee properties are moving at a steady pace. Homebuyers and those relocating can currently still take advantage of home mortgage rates that have stayed exceptionally low in the Nashville and surrounding areas. In fact, the monthly principal and interest on a home mortgage today can be as much 33% less than what is was just 3 years ago.  

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