Budgets in the construction of houses and cost environments

We will know the necessary steps to give the budgets in the construction of your new home or a specific area of your home that still is not built, we will begin to see all the elements taken into account in the budget and then know the free tools that provide us with our task of having the full cost we need to know before starting the work Let’s start:

Budgets in the construction of houses and cost environments

1. elements to be considered for the budgets in the construction:

-The price of the land
-Architectural design (architect)
-Design of structures (civil engineer)
-Electrical and sanitary installations by an engineer or architect
-Total construction cost divided between materials and workmanship
-Your city building permits that include various municipal rates

With these data we can already have a clear idea of how much it can cost us to build a House, we can say that the price of the land often usually the determining factor in the total cost, as well as agreement to its topographic features is tell if you have earrings or elevated notable increases the price of the construction since it needs more manpower and also materials , a point that must be considered in budgets in the construction of small and medium-sized houses.

For large buildings you need to add to the total price, the study of the soil (if the building has several floors), environmental impact studies (so ask for some municipalities), among other aspects which are not necessary to add here because we want to have a budget for an average size of 80 to 200 sqm House.
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Roof of House: how to choose roofing materials?

Roof of House: how to choose roofing materials?

What roof for my house?

The roof, imposing element of your future home. The realization of structures and roofs are the masterpieces to ensure the resistance of water infiltration casting. The list of the roofing materials is quite varied and allows to customize as you see fit and function of regional architectural styles his own choice.

Roof of House: how to choose roofing materials?

A flat roof!

Install a flat roof on the top floor of his house puts forward a particular architectural style. These designs are quite rare but exist and spread however in some regions. It is quite possible to pour a slab of concrete on a straight roof, the obstacle is to determine if the foundations of housing will be able to withstand the total lift. This realization doesn’t require a building permit, only a City Hall statement sufficient.

The main obstacle in the realization of a flat roof is to ensure the tightness of the parties.

The stagnation of the water on a flat surface can prevent the proper flow. The solution is the use of more resistant materials, it should be noted also that a slight inclination of the flat roof is mandatory; This principle is based on the crowning of our paved roads.

Water flows toward the ditches and gutters by the slight elevation of all the routes. A flat roof with a high surface area will record a slope of 5% on average and the presence of several areas drilled evacuation of water connected to the eaves of the House.
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How to maintain plumbing installation?

You want to keep plumbing in good condition as long as possible? To avoid having to call a professional, because you can do most anything for your pipes, follow our advice! There are simple gestures to keep plumbing in good condition and maintain your lines.

How to maintain plumbing installation?

Discover our technical tips and advice of common sense! What are the right moves for maintaining plumbing? What are the tricks to clean the piping? How to soften water too hard?

Here is a small list of what it is possible to make to last decades plumbing facility.

Know and check its plumbing installation
Your pipe stem not very pleasant odors and you would like to address them?

Prevention is always more pleasant than a repair in emergency, as soon as you detect the small lesser leak, any pipe starting at if damage or pretending to break, contact a professional to repair if there is place or change any of your plumbing.
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Do you know how to paint the House with trendy colors? For each type of dwelling, that it is at sea or in the mountains, in the city or in the countryside, there are nuances must, of colors that, regardless of the season and the last news, are always the most suitable and most beautiful. Play it safe and paint the walls of your House with the trendiest colors to achieve a comfortable and hospitable to all your guests and, above all, for you.

In the House the color choice with which paint the walls is essential. In many, make no mistake, focus on white, so that the House is always bright, makes sense of cleanliness and freshness. And then there are those who overdo it, focusing on strong colors but without taking into account various details that make the difference, as the natural light and the choice of furniture. Also, depending on the type of House and the surrounding nature, there are various colors to choose from.

If you have a Beach House, surely the white will be your ally as well as all shades of blue, from turquoise to deep blue. The mountain, instead, more rustic, warm colors, which recall those of the Earth, are perfect but use them carefully, without exceeding.
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HVAC control system

HVAC control system

Systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), or HVAC systems, controlling the temperature, humidity and air quality in homes, commercial and industrial buildings. HVAC is a central air line technology for large buildings and enclosed environments with which with the help of outside air constantly fresh and healthy indoor climate is maintained

The extensive range of cabinets and accessories used for the housing of the automation and control equipment that is used for different HVAC machines.

HVAC solutions for better air quality and temperature control
The HVAC market can be divided into product categories such as air processing equipment, heating equipment and cooling equipment, with subareas such as air treatment, air filtration and dust removal. Typical products are heat pumps, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, heaters, boilers, air conditioners, fans and air pumps.

HVAC systems can be used in old buildings to replace inefficient systems such as air coolers, or in new buildings and facilities. They are installed on the roof or inside and it is for the owner of the building of great importance that the different components of an HVAC system communicate with each other, so that each part can be precisely tuned to save energy and money. For example, it would be a waste if the heating in a building higher, while the cooling system is hard at work to lower the temperature.
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Ten tips to buy houses without risk

Ten tips to buy houses without risk

1. Get a copy of your purchase from the seller (which is called “title”).

2. Learn about the existence of mortgages (the check will be made by the notary): If a mortgage are known to exist (for example to guarantee mortgage), ask the seller to be permitted the cancellation before or simultaneously with the deed.

Ten tips to buy houses without risk

3. Ask the seller the cadastral tab and make sure that it corresponds in every detail to the State.

4. Ask the seller:

extremes (and if possible copies) of habilitation homes (or more) and any construction condoni (in which case, get all the documentation to see what is the Common procedure); the certificate of fitness for use (if issued).

5. In case of sale and mortgage to the Bank that will provide contextual, consult in advance the funding to have a prior availability, providing the documentation requested by the Institute.

6. Ask the seller if he paid all expenses are paid by the seller until the day of the deed. The notarial, elephants bedroom from seller a declaration by the building Manager stating that all expenses were paid.

7. Ask the seller (or the building Superintendent) copy of the House rules, to check for any restrictions on the use of individual units, identify common parts and those of any exclusive use of individual condominiums.

8. check the condition of the plant and ask the seller the relevant certificates of conformity.

9. Using the site, projected the cost of the operation, in principle, as to compute it in detail you should consult your notary with all documentation, which will assess the precise task that must be effectively carried out by the single act.

10. bring all documentation collection to the notary trust for time, so that I can test it and recommend what to do to buy home safely. Consult your notary for time it is essential, advice and assistance are included in the cost of the deed.

Gardening tips to prepare for spring

Gardening tips to prepare for spring

Spring Gardening plans may be the last thing on the mind of many people, especially because some of us are still excavating below the recent avalanche of snow and ice. Now we have anticipation and on 20 March is the official spring start so use that extra hour of light to perform a bit of garden planning! As the Chinese proverb says: “life begins the day you start a garden.”

Gardening tips to prepare for spring

There are so many good reasons to plant a garden; encourages the family to spend time outdoors in communion with nature, beautifies your yard, it’s very good for the environment, is a relaxing pastime and is a great way to teach your children about responsibility and care of a living being. And if you decide to grow vegetables, you’ll save money while enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your work throughout the summer.

All good gardening plans begin with some basic preparation. First, make sure that your land is ready and that it is not saturated with rain or melted snow. Organic gardening suggests this simple test: grab a handful of soil into a ball, if it breaks easily when you drop it from a height of one meter is ready for use. As well as the interior spring cleaning, you must take the time to sort and create the best environment in the open air so that your plants flourish. Pruning shrubs and takes away all the dead branches, cleans leaves dead and the old mulch beds away from the base of trees and shrubs. Finally test the pH of your soil – you can get test kits in most gardening stores and some even take a sample for you.

Gardening plans are essential to keep your yard looking lush and beautiful during the summer. It is important to think of space, sunlight and times of growth, so you put all in the ideal place. It sounds intimidating to the novice, but there are some fantastic online tools that make it simple and anyone can create the perfect terrain. The Old Farmer completo Almanac garden glider is free for the first 30 days (then pay a small fee) and allows you to trace your space and to trace where each plant would go. It also tells you everything you need to know about the needs of each plant. You can also check your report of areas of Regional gardening maps to know when you need to start. Better Homes & Gardens also offers a similar online tool for planning a garden. Once you’ve decided what you want to plant, you can start your seedlings for the interior. If you need a little inspiration, Gardenista has plenty of beautiful ideas for garden and accessories. The National Gardening Association is another great resource for hints and tips.

If you’re a city dweller, you can still get into action with the gardening. Noocity is about to launch Growbed, a “self-watering system and auto-fertilizacion of urban gardening”.

Finally, make the planning of your garden with some practical applications of Smartphone. Plan Pro helps you to plan, gives growing tips and create reminders for the care of plants. With Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier you can take a photo of the plant or disease you need to identify and Garden Compass experts will tell you what it is and will help you to solve any problem.

What to Look for and Avoid When Signing a Home-Building Contract

What to Look for and Avoid When Signing a Home-Building Contract

When the constructor provides the plan and the construction for an agreed price, you sign with him a contract of construction of detached house with provision of plan. The contract of construction of single-family house is one that provides the most guarantees.

The “management contract” the provision of a plan by the supervisor and the development of a project, in collaboration with the employer which makes it part of its wishes and its possibilities, for an approximate amount (if the architect replaces the supervisor or the office, you sign a contract of architect). The supervisor designing home but does not building, you are dealing with several trades and you sign with them separate business contracts. Attention!, “contract of enterprise” is highly regulated, and the cooling-off period of 7 days is not provided by law for this contract, commitment is definitive. And if the contract still provides protection for the borrower and decadal, better warranty worth thinking about also provide contract checking in a part of the price in case of improper performance work and the planning of the work with penalties for delay if the company does not perform the work within the agreed time frame because the delivery at agreed time and price guarantee is not provided.

While with the contract for the construction of detached house plan and price are set the day of the signing of the contract, the final cost of the project of the supervisor is therefore known only when all the contracts are signed. Good advice is therefore to provide a margin of safety in its financing plan. It is better to provide too much than not enough!

Most Popular Types Of Roofs To Choose

Most Popular Types Of Roofs To Choose

Not only the location or the material for the frames, also the kind of roofing is important when you leave a porch.

The most widely used material for the roof of a porch is undoubtedly glass. But beyond are many other materials available to your porch. If you want to be shielded from the Sun or some more insight van buren wants to avoid, for example, you can choose a closed roof construction. Thus, the veranda a integral whole of your property and you can even roof insulation.

Laminated glass
Ordinary glass is not appropriate. It is fragile and so dangerous. On the other hand, laminated glass not only protects against falling objects and branches, it also prevents glass shards would fall inward.

High performance glazing
You like to read in your porch? High performance glazing is a suitable option. It allows the half less light through, which is more pleasant for your eyes. Sunlight that falls into it on a horizontal plane can be up to five times as strong as light that falls on a vertical plane.

High performance glazing also let less heat by then just double glazing, but 40 to 20%. Double glazing allows up to 70% of the heat.

Plastic sheets
Plastic sheets are less popular in recent years for veranda roofs. In case of rain they give a drum effect and Moreover, they are not always sunshine. As a result, after a time discoloration.

Zinc is a fine choice for example, if you want to refresh your porch roof. Corrugated or older glazing are easy to replace by zinc. In addition, it is a light material and it can also be used in lesser steep roofs. The cost is a drawback. But that is compensated for by the long life.

Rubber or roofing
You want a veranda with a flat roof, then rubber cladding or roofing a good possibility. That material is perfectly waterproof and relatively inexpensive.

Roof tiles or slates
Do you want to make your porch a full-fledged part of your property, then choose a roofing in the same material as the roof of your home. If you roof tiles or slates lay on the roof of your porch, you must make sure that the construction the weight of the roofing. Your porch will no longer be considered as a separate entity, making your home will increase in value.

The Most Common Plumbing Problems

The Most Common Plumbing Problems

It used to be the job of a plumber to lead pipes. These pipes were then used in the water systems for homes and so on. Here comes the name plumber. Nowadays the plumbing work pretty extensive and keep these professionals are concerned with everything in the field of plumbing, water and gas pipes, heating installations and drains.

The areas where a plumber is and work for can do are so sanitary, water, gas, heating and sewage. However on all parts are of course multiples of. These are also divided into repairs, installations and maintenance. Where it actually comes down to, is that a plumber can solve a lot of problems for you.

The work of a plumber where he or she probably most appreciate get are the repairs carried out. For example, this could be an emergency where there is a large leak originated and the plumber can prevent major damage and cost to repair them as quickly as possible. Or if on a cold winter night the heating suddenly not does more than is the work of a plumber obviously very appreciated.

However, can there also repairs are carried out where something less prosperity at. For example, a toilet that is clogged or where nasty odors out. Also in these cases you will be glad that there is a plumber in the neighborhood is having this problem before you can solve.
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